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I'm the karma breaker.

I bridge mystic spiritual arts with practical application. The ethereal with the tangible. 

That’s who I am now but not how I came to be. I want to share my story in the form of puzzle pieces that seamlessly fit together only when connecting the dots in hindsight.

The first puzzle piece.
I didn’t know it then, but I was already a traveler. I was crossing worlds. As a child I would dream such vivid dreams that were often premonitions. It happened so frequently for me that the lines of the waking world and the dream world would blur. 

As a kid I thought there was something weird about me. Now I know that weirdness is a gift. 

The second puzzle piece.
I graduated from the liberal arts school, Wesleyan University with a degree in Mathematics.

I didn’t know it then, but my Mathematics degree was not just about appreciating a universal language but it’s also about patterns. And now instead of looking for patterns within numbers, I look for patterns within people.

The third puzzle piece.
I’m an innate rebel. But it didn't truly show until after I attended the prestigious university and interviewed at the fancy firms.  It took every drop of courage to break free of expectations and societal norms.  I didn’t become the doctor my parents wanted. I didn’t take the path well traveled. I instead listened to the beckoning of my soul to pursue what lit me up even if the path was unknown and terrifying. I had a knowing within my being that if I pursued what lights my soul up I would find my way to my purpose. And I did. In living your best life, it takes: healing (breaking your karma), courage, love, faith, wholeness within yourself.  I am a believer that you create your own path and that there are no rules to this game called life.  You can reach a state of knowing that you can create anything that you desire and be in love with every aspect of your life.

All these puzzle pieces came together to create me. An intuitive rebel, karmic pattern identifier, that’s on a mission to raise the consciousness of change makers on this planet, by leading with love and connecting people to their soul.  

I;m so excited to meet you!

Helping heart driven visionaries tap into their soul's brilliance so that the world shifts into more love 

Enneagram 4 | Life Path 36/9
Aries Sun | Leo Moon | Gemini Rising.
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Coffee or Tea

I have had a few near death experiences

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Tea! It's calming and has health benefits! You can catch me drinking either matcha or ginseng  on the daily


One of the best moments of my life was during a dance set.  I felt so much love and magic all around me

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Morning or Night

Greece and Egypt are on my bucket list

I actually follow the circadium rhythm of wherever I am.  But if I had to choose, it would be night. There is a time, called the witching hour, where I experience a heightened sense of creativity and connection. It's incredibly peaceful when everything and everyone around you is at rest.


My earliest memory was even before being in the womb.

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Voice Message or Text

I'm the first intuitive of my family

As an introvert, and a visual learner I definitely prefer text.  Sometimes if I get unexpected calls it can be startling! My mind goes to: "What do they want? and how long do I have to commit to this call?!"


I'm currently on a journey of overcoming my fear of public speaking

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Mountains or Beach

I'm a total adrenaline junkie - I've hiked two volcanos, gone sky-diving & swam with crocodiles in Australia.

Beach! I find so much peace and tranquility by the ocean. The water is very healing for me.  


I lived 2 years in Costa Rica and have been spoiled by how gorgeous and untouched the beaches are.  Costa Rica has a beautiful spiritual resonance and energy for me.

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